Animal Feed Production Line

In this post, we will introduce our feed production line to you!


4/11/20241 min read

In general, the production of animal feed usually has five steps. Crushing, mixing, produce pellet, cooling, packaging.

Production lines are divided into two types according to the different feed production.

The first production line is Concentrated Feed production line. This production line is used to produced feed for poultry, such as chicken, duck.

The second production is Grass feed production line. This production line is used to produce feed for cattle, sheep and horse. Here is the picture of the two production lines.

Poultry Feed Production line

Cattle, Sheep Feed Production line

Difference Between Two Production lines

Compared to the poultry feed production line, cattle feed production line has an extra machine called crusher to crush the Forage, straw, etc.

The price of the two production lines (1 ton/h) is $2000-$3000, very suitable for a small farmer.

Machine introduction video