Ultimate Guide to Animal Feed Pellet Machine

In this article, let's discuss the common types of feed pellet machines and how to choose the right one according to our actual needs.


2/20/20244 min read


  • Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine - Small Scale

  • Feed Extruder Machine

  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine - Large Scale

The feed pellet machine is an essential feed processing equipment when we make feed pellet. 

Based on the internal structure of the feed pellet machine, it can be divided into flat die feed pellet machines and ring die feed pellet machines. 

Based on the types of animals feed, they can be categorized into feed pellet machines for pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits feed pellet machine.  Now, let's discuss the common types of feed pellet machines and how to choose the right one according to our actual needs.

Ring die feed pellet machine

Flat die feed pellet machine

Feed Extruder machine

Chicken/Cattle/Pig/Rabbit Feed Pellet Machine

1. Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine - Small Scale

Also known as the portable small feed pellet machine, the output typically ranges from 80kg/h to 2000kg/h.

Nearly all pellet machines for small quantities of livestock feed are referred to this kind of pellet machine. The commonly mentioned single-phase electric feed pellet machines for pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese are all Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine.

Various power sources can drive these machines, with options including electric motors, diesel engines, Power Take-Off (PTO), and gasoline engines, you can choose the suitable power based on your individual needs.


  1. A vertical feed inlet makes feeding convenient.

  2. Small size, simple structure, and low noise, covering a small area, is easy to install, operate and move, easy to maintain, low cost.

  3. They produce livestock feed pellets with high hardness. The feed is semi-cooked, making it an excellent assistant for small farm and family.

  4. Common pathogenic microorganisms and parasite in the material can be killed completely, strengthening the ability of chicken to fight the disease, reducing the death rate of the chicken.

  5. By changing the die diameter, the feed pellet size can be adjusted for various poultry.

We have several models of feed pellet machine, you can choose the right model based on your specific output/hour.

2. Feed Extruder Machine

Feed extruder machines, usually be used for making floating fish and pet feed. The feed produced by extruders does not sink and maintains stability in water.

In general, if you need to make floating feed for fish or pet, we don’t recommend flat die feed pellet machine.

Because the feed produced by the flat die pellet machine is usually vertical and cannot float on the water surface, it will sink to the bottom which is not suitable for the production of floating feed.

3. Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine - Large Scale

The output of a ring die feed pellet machine is relatively larger than that of a flat die machine, generally ranging from 0.5 ton/h to 15 ton/h. They are often used in conjunction with various large and medium-sized pelletizing units.

The common large-scale cattle and sheep feed pellet factories are equipped with ring die feed pellet machines. Different models are selected based on the required output.

Compared to the flat die feed pellet machine, it always more expensive and It is more suitable for factories with higher demand for feed.


  1. Ring die feed pellet mills adopt dual-motor V-belt drive system to achieve ideal transmission ratio, high driving torque, steady transmission, main shaft long service life, brief structure, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

  2. Stainless steel feeding pipe, door cover and scaleboard, which are beautiful and anti-corrosion.

Click here to see the more difference between flat die and ring die animal feed pellet

Troubleshooting of feed pellet machine

1. No pellets come out

  • Clear the residual pellets in the hole of the die mold

  • Extruding the die with powder material with high oil

  • Adjust the gap to 0.1-0.3mm

2. Too much powder content in finished pellets or pellets cannot formed

  • Increase water content of powder material.

  • Decrease water content of powder material.

  • Increase sticky powder materials.

3. Finished pellets are hard and shiny

  • Increase water content in powder materials.

4. Feed pellet machine stop working

  • Clean the hard object in the feed pellet machine.

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